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Things Should Create Memories, Not Clutter!

July 28 2021

The items you love are part of what makes life joyful so why are they kept in a box or cupboard, never to be seen or appreciated?
You may love looking at certain photos, I know I do, or feel nostalgic towards an item of décor that you bought in your 20s, or received by a loved one, but if they are put away in a box or the back of the cupboard, how can you enjoy them and appreciate the memories?

Here are some ideas:

  •  Sort through your photos and create photo books or photo collages you can hang on the wall, that tell a story. This is a great way to pass on family stories
  • Donate your everyday plates and start using the dishes that mean so much – you don’t have to save them for a special event
  • Wear the special jewellery, if you don’t particularly like it but don’t want to let it go, have it remodelled
  • Pop’s old wooden ladder? Use it as a bookcase for the wall by hanging it horizontally
  • Use old books as a collection of small shelves for your special nic nacs.

There are so many ideas out there on the world wide web.
Remember this: If you love something unconditionally, then keep it. Decluttering isn’t about throwing out things you cherish; it’s about eliminating items you never use or won’t need in the future.

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