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The clutter you can’t see

November 24 2020

In some way shape or form we all deal with clutter but did you know that the most distracting cluttered space is actually in our heads.

  • Constant appointments
  • Work commitments
  • Forgetting important dates
  • Attachment to social media and digital devices
  • Emotional life situations

Sound familiar? If you have experienced this, you soon realise that the mental clutter disrupts your balance and pulls you off centre to the point where:

  • Your productivity wanes
  • You feel as if your being pulled in all directions
  • Your unable to finish projects, and
  • Your health starts to suffer – headaches, fatigue, mood changes, for example

If you’re ready to start clearing away your mental clutter so you can get some balance back in your life, follow these tips…

  • Become intentional on where you place your attention, your time, and your energy – make it count
  • Learn to say ‘NO’, particularly to those things that do not serve you – they are the things that sap your time and energy
  • Declutter your physical space which will give you a calm space to sit, relax and gain clarity
  • Work out what your top priorities are and rank them in order of importance to your wellbeing.

Remember to stop and smell the roses…your life is there to be enjoyed in a balanced and harmonious way!

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