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Souvenirs – memories of a great holiday…

October 20 2020

  • Who loves collecting souvenirs?
  • Who buys souvenirs for other people?
  • What kind of souvenirs do you collect?
  • What happens to your souvenirs when you get home?

Souvenirs hold happy memories of a great holiday but if you’re not careful, they can very easily turn into clutter and lose their meaning, particularly if you are bringing home mass-produced mementos that slowly build up to unwanted clutter.

So, here is a tip when considering what souvenirs to bring home…

Choose an item that has meaning to you, that means something to the culture you are visiting and meaning for the person who has made it. There can be tourist traps, so be aware.

When choosing your souvenir, ask yourself these questions…

  • Is it made locally?
  • Does it use local materials? (you may have to check if you can bring them back into your country)
  • Is it made ethically or is it massed produced, and which would I prefer?
  • Will I use it once I get back home?

I usually go for artisan jewellery. On my trip to Italy in 2015, I bought jewellery souvenirs from each place we stayed. Pearl earring from Florence, Murano glass earrings from Venice, just to name a few, and each time I wear them I am reminded of my wonderful Italian holiday.

How do you remember your holiday, by the memory or the memento?


Susan Spano

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