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Shopping Habits, Are They Contributing To Your Clutter?

November 20 2018

Many people shop because it makes them feel better. You don't even have to venture to the
shops anymore because you can shop online and have it delivered to the door which adds to
the excitement. Trust me, I know!!

Shopping is filling a void from things such as grief, loneliness and possibly depression and if
you are already living in a cluttered, disorganised home, this will add to it further.

Picture this…a clean and tidy home with a place for everything. The grief of a few loved ones
starts to creep in and slowly, shopping becomes the thing to heal the pain but does it? It gets
to the point where the home becomes overcrowded with shopping bags full of things that aren't
really needed. There is no space to even start sorting things out. The shopping has got out of
hand and the grief never seems to leave.

This is a real life situation and one that causes shame and extreme embarrassment to my
client because once upon a time she had a home to be proud of. With determination and one
step at a time, we are making progress. My client has made a commitment to stop shopping
unnecessarily and the grief she experiences around anniversary time in particular is being
seen to by a professional. 

This is only one example of many and highlights how powerful our emotions can be and the
effect they can have on our life if we don't keep them in check.

I will take this opportunity to congratulate all my clients that are doing the best they can and
taking the steps they need to clear their clutter and find their 'Place of Calm'.

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