A Professional Organising and Decluttering Service in Geelong, Victoria

It is about planning your relocation so you can embrace the change instead of feeling stressed and anxious before you even start.

The package is based around the relationship you have with ‘your stuff’, how it impacts your choices and how to make your move as simple and easy as possible.

Have you reached a new stage in your life where your circumstances have changed? Perhaps the kids have moved out and you want all their ‘stuff’ to follow or, you are building that new family home to meet the needs of a growing family?

Are you considering retirement and would like to downsize? Think less home maintenance, more free time to travel.

Does an unexpected illness require your elderly parent’s relocation to assisted living?

Have you just realised that all your stuff is just that and you want to move to a more simplistic life?


Moving doesn’t have to be painful, exhausting, even divorce inducing…

With the right support in place your move can: Be planned and streamlined without the stress

Help increase the value of your home – the ‘one percenter’ can make all the difference

Save you – money – less stuff, lower removalist fees


Whether it be…

A serious purge in preparation for downsizing, A relocation to assisted living or a new home OR You just want to simplify your life

There is expert advice and thoughtful support available to guide you through these changes.


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For a no-obligation conversation about how THE ON THE MOVE PACKAGE could help you.


Where do we start?


STAGE 1 is all about planning…

With your visions in mind and a focus on the bigger picture, we will Identify the different kinds of clutter that exist in your life.

This will allow us to determine whether it belongs in your life as you move forward.


The Plan will be a living document and will include:

  • time frames
  • how you would like to dispose of decluttered items
  • resources and service provders
  • handy hints for moving day



Less stuff, more time to do the things you love
Less Stuff, more savings for you in your pocket
Less stuff, a more SIMPLIFIED life


Let’s get it done…


STAGE 2 is the physical decluttering stage…

this is where we work together to get the job done.

You get hands on helps with the implementation of:

  • Decluttering each area of the home as per your On the Move plan so you can have peace of mind that you have everything you ‘need’
  • Disposal of decluttered items which takes pressure off you, wondering where to take them
  • Liasing with relevant service providers to get your house up to scratch, such as garden maintenance, cleaners, rubbish removals which will help impress potential buyers


Even if the boxes have made it in the front door,
The move isn’t quite over…


Stage 3… The major move has taken place and you are in your new home but have your things really been placed where you want them?


Stage 3 will help you:

  • Establish your new home and prevent future clutter and/or disorganization by making sure your belongings are where you need them to be. There may even be more things that you discover you don’t need and I can take them away. Winning!
  • Get your space to flow and be functional similarly to how it has worked for you in the past, this can make it feel like home.
  • Connect with the services you will need in your new location. Think plumbers, electricians, gardeners. Tradies you can trust.




CALL ME TODAY on 0414 397 796

For a no-obligation conversation about how THE ON THE MOVE PACKAGE could help you.




Like you, I have moved house and know the daunting, overwhelming feeling of “Where do I start”?

Room by room I sorted and decluttered knowing that it was better to dothis prior to the move rather than the other end.
I didn’t want to have to find places for all the things I didn’t really need.

When you decide to take the first step, you will feel nervous and unsure but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

I help clients who have downsized for their own reasons and by guiding
them through the process with care and patience, they have achieved a move that has been free from stress and overwhelm.



Who is this for?

For those who are preparing to downsize, who need to relocate to assisted living or a new home or those wanting to simplify their life through these changes and become more minimal in their possessions.

Who is this not for?

This is not for those of you who are finding it difficult to focus and be organised or are finding that clutter is taking over and causing unwelcome stress. If this sounds like you, you will find my ESSENTIAL HOME PACKAGE more beneficial.

When should I start preparing for my move?

As soon as you’ve made the decision to relocate. We can start before you engage a real estate agent – remember those one percenters? We can even start before you’ve identified your new home.

Will you move my items to my new home?

No, this will be done by a removalist. They will have trained staff to accommodate the packing of your belongings. That said, I can facilitate on your behalf to ensure the packing and move is as stress free as possible.

What if the move doesn’t go ahead?

Great news! You have a freshly decluttered, organised home. In fact, you’ll probably wonder why you ever wanted to leave.

What if i have more questions?

Too easy! Just give me a call on 0414 397 796 and let’s get them answered.



Every client and home are unique and may take a different amount of time to support and declutter …

STAGE 1..Putting your plan in place.

The initial investment of $297 which allows for a consultation of up to two hours and preparation of your plan.

Continue with Stages 2 & 3 and the consultation price will come off the total estimate.

STAGE 2 & 3…will be estimated on the result of your plan

Payment Plans are available. Contact me to chat about your options.