A Professional Organising and Decluttering Service in Geelong, Victoria

Is a positive and practical approach to becoming clutter free and more organised.

You’ll crush the stress and overwhelm that chaos causes.



A busy working mum with a couple of children, A mum working in her own business, seemingly on call 24/7, or You have accumulated stuff from other family members such as your parents and don’t know what to do with it.



You are too embarrassed to have people over because of the chaotic mess, You’re trying to declutter but with interruptions from the family, you never get further than moving items from one room to another.

Despite best intentions, the volume doesn’t change, You’re just totally overwhelmed with your excess of stuff, it is causing stress and straining relationships.



Walking into your wardrobe, knowing where everything is and not having to search for your favourite top and scarf
because everything has a place,

Having your girlfriends over for afternoon tea without having to scramble to clean your home because your house is
already uncluttered and tidy, or

Finding you have more opportunities to do things you most enjoy because with the clutter gone, you’ve got time and space to spare.



  • Is it the lack of time and energy to tackle the load?
  • Perhaps it’s the emotion connected to the process?
  • Maybe you are waiting in case you ‘need it’ again someday?
  • There may be emotional hurdles that you have to overcome before you can let go or,
  • The guilt of spending so much on an item that you’ve never really used?



When you decide to take the first step you will feel nervous and unsure but with an expert by your side expect to be guided through the process with care and patience.

With hands on support, advice on how to utilise your space for functionality and help with routines and systems you will experience positive change.


I remember when I was a single mum with two children and full time workhow essential it was that I have control over our lives and for me, that meant simplicity and a clutter free home.

I totally get how you feel right now when chaos is totally overwhelming you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mum, a retiree ready to downsize or going through the pain of losing a loved one, I am here to support and guide you through the change.



Here at A Place of Calm we believe in efficiency and transparency, but we also know every client and their home is unique meaning each will need a different amount of support and service.

Therefore, we’ve created a simple pricing structure as follows:

Enjoy a complimentary 20 min phone consultation where we will briefly discuss your situation.

An initial investment of $120 will allow for a 60 min on-site consultation to discuss your needs and requirements.

$297 will allow for individual sessions of up to 3 hours;
Prepay and receive up to 15 hours for $1455

Payment Plans are available for larger packages. Contact me to chat about your options.


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