A Professional Organising and Decluttering Service in Geelong, Victoria

Professional Organising & Decluttering Support Services for Agency Funded Clients including NDIS Participants


Do your clients struggle with clutter and disorganisation?

Does it cause them overwhelm, anxiety and financial stress?

Is clutter a safety hazard?

Do they need to vacate & relocate to a new home or assisted living?

A Place of Calm is here to help and provides a range of services for people at risk and overwhelmed by clutter and disorganisation.

Each client’s situation is unique and therefore services are tailored to create a positive result.

A Place of Calm is a Registered Service Provider with Baptcare, Bellarine Community Health, City of Greater Geelong and NDIS.

I support families to aged clients and clients with mental illness. How do I do that? By catering to their needs and adapting to their situations, so their goals are achieved.

A Place of Calm is a Registered Service Provider with Home Care Package Providers such as Baptcare, Bellarine Community Health, City of Greater Geelong and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


If you are a Case Manager, Support Coordinator or Family Member:



How Clutter May Affect Your Clients

Clutter affects us mentally and physically, in these ways:

  • Overwhelm
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Weakened decision making skills – avoidance
  • Invites allergens into your home
  • Increases risk of fire and other injuries
  • Loss of control
  • Depletes energy levels with its presence
  • Embarrassment that leads to isolation

And may present itself like this:

  • Too many possessions to comfortably handle
  • House appears clean and tidy, but clutter is hiding in cupboards
  • Paperwork piling up, unopened letters, junk mail, and more…
  • Disorganisation, no systems in place
  • Loss of control of paperwork, laundry, kitchen, etc


The Benefits for Your Clients

I work hands on with the client to provide:

  • Advice on space functionality
  • Storage recommendations
  • Advice to establish simple and sustainable routines and effective systems to ensure
    your client can maintain their safe and clutter free environment
  • Removal of items for donation after each session
  • Facilitation of other services and resources

The Process:

  • An initial consultation with the client (in most cases), to discover their specific needs
    and to assess appropriate action, including time frame
  • Report information and recommendations to case worker
  • Schedule session times, generally in 3-hour blocks (time is dependent on client


Please note: On completion of the tailored action plan, I recommend a maintenance program (3-6 hours) be included in the client’s plan on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, to keep them on track.