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Hoarding disorder does not discriminate: – it can affect anyone, regardless of their age and gender, their education, where they live and what they do for work.

Symptoms of hoarding can begin to appear at a young age and continue through each passing decade until it’s impacting your life, your relationships, your financial situation, and your health.

In my experience of helping clients that have hoarding tendencies/disorder, the common thread in their story is some experience of personal trauma – grief, loss, trauma, abuse, and other stressful life events, often combined with feelings of depression and anxiety.

It’s important for people to understand that hoarding is a real mental health condition that can be treated over time.



  • Excessive acquiring – shopping, collecting, and accepting other people’s give aways
  • Difficulty discarding items due to overpowering thoughts and emotional attachment
  • Loss of living space and not being able to use areas of the home as intended i.e., the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom
  • CHAOS – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome (yes, this is a real thing)
  • Social isolation – feelings of overwhelm, embarrassment and shame
  • Health and Safety hazards i.e., trip hazards, hygiene



At A Place of Calm, we love helping clients who have hoarding tendencies or have been diagnosed with hoarding disorder because we know the difference our service and support makes.

Our referrals come from family members, NDIS support coordinators, occupational therapists, community service case managers and tenancy and property housing officers, just to name a few.

Our focus with each client is to make sure we address:

  • The positives of overcoming hoarding and what this means for their future goals, dreams, and hopes
  • The challenges surrounding their current situation, including risks, and what is important to them right now
  • That recovery is slow and gradual, but very achievable, especially with additional support from the client’s care team.

A Place of Calm welcomes your call if you are worried about a loved one who hoards or if you have a client that needs our help.



Fill in the Client Intake Form and submit directly or download and email it info@aplaceofcalm.com.au.