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Re-Discover your Forgotten Passions & Dreams

September 18 2020


Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you looking for something to inspire you into action? I have a suggestion, DECLUTTER your life!

When you declutter, you usually come across things that were once a focus in your life – forgotten passions, forgotten dreams. They become buried under stages of life and the importance that were once on them is overshadowed by what we think life is all about…

  • Finding a job and starting a career
  • Getting married and having a family
  • Working up the ladder so you get paid more which allows you to spend more

Life becomes chaotic…

  • The constant appointments
  • Work commitments
  • Attachments to social media and digital devises
  • Other people’s drama
  • An overabundance of ‘stuff’

And then one day, you realise the balance of your life is all out of wack and you are missing something. You start to shed the clutter and you become alive.

By shedding the clutter, whether it be mental or physical, your life becomes calmer and the space you create allows you to re-discover those stifled passions and dreams, and you start to live the life you want.


“Remove the emotional and physical clutter from your life so you can soar”
– Judith Orloff

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