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Obstacles that stop us from decluttering

July 16 2020

How many times have you spent looking for items you can’t find?
Instead of doing something about it however, you go on with your day to day business, cleaning and tidying around piles of stuff that never moves and dusting items you don’t particularly like.
You stop seeing what surrounds you even though you know it doesn’t belong.

So what’s your road block to decluttering and creating a space that you enjoy?

  • You may be too busy, and feel totally overwhelmed & exhausted to tackle such a big project
  • You may be reluctant to let things go – it was expensive (even though your haven’t used or worn it); it has sentimental value; and/or, you might need it one day
  • Your things personify your intentions and are therefore are difficult to let go of – e.g. cook books because one day you’ll start having those dinner parties; the craft supplies that were going to be a part of a hobby business that never got up and running
  • You think you will finish all the UNFINISHED projects – fixing those broken items; reading the pile of papers from last month

If this sounds familiar, you can overcome these obstacles, here are a few tips:

  • If you want things to change things, have an achievable goal in place – it might be about creating a small reading nook in the corner of the loungeroom
  • Start small – pick one thing a day to donate, do it for a week and then continue by increasing the number
  • Find items that you can throw out without hesitation – expired medication, old receipts, outdated food & empty boxes
  • Come to terms with your unfinished projects – if you know you will never complete them, take control and let them go
  • Find a professional organiser to give you support and guidance

We often don’t realise how much clutter weighs us down until it’s gone, it’s definitely worth the effort!

“Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments” – Heidi Reeder

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