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Let’s Talk Magazines and Newspapers..

October 16 2019

Gone are the excuses of why you need to save them all:

  • ‘This is the greatest plum pudding recipe’
  • ‘I love the way this table has been painted’
  • ‘We are going on holidays, I need this list of accommodation’


Dr. Randy Frost is a hoarding expert and says:

“Many people who hoard feel that they must read everything, or nearly everything, in the paper and remember it in detail. If they feel they can’t do this, then saving the paper has to do, even though they never go back to reread it. Most often what happens is that this task becomes so overwhelming that they don’t even bother to read the paper, they just keep it so they can read it later.”



You can keep them, throw them out either after reading or without reading. The last option first…

If you really must save an article, take a photo and save it in a labelled album on your phone or device or, if you are not tech savvy, tear it out and paste it in a scrap book and then recycle the magazine or newspaper.

Consider the library, it generally has all the recent magazines and newspapers and…wait for it… you can always access it on the WORLD WIDE WEB (www)!!!

To prevent future backlogs is to eliminate the paper problem at the source – before it comes into your house. One tactic you can consider is cancelling subscriptions to magazines and putting “NO JUNK MAIL” on your letterbox.

Minimising the flow of paper into the house will mean there is less paper for you to manage.

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