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February 17 2020

Professional organising is a term not widely understood however, with the emergence of Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of tidying and decluttering, this is changing.

Not everybody has the time or inclination to deal with their stuff that has built up over the years and Marie Kondo their life, so who do you call to help them? A Professional Organiser.

Professional Organisers love to sort out, declutter and organise other people’s stuff. It isn’t a one size fits all due to the uniqueness of each client and their situation but that is what makes the job interesting and at time challenging.

People are often fearful of engaging a professional organiser due to things they may have heard, so let me take this opportunity to dispel some myths…

You will make me throw everything away… false, this is your decision, I just help you to make an informed decision

You will want me to go and buy lots of storage containers… false, more often than not, you already have storage options sitting around that we can use

I am worried all the unwanted things will go into landfill… false, I offer suggestions as to where they can be disposed of, for example, they can be donated, sold, or given to people that can use or repurpose them

It will cost to much for me to hire you…false, you can invest a small or large amount of money, it’s dependent on your needs however, it is worth thinking about the lifetime benefits – more time and energy to do things you love. You can actually save money and pick up some great skill to maintain your environment.

If you can overcome the myths, you will be on your way to a clutter free and organised life…


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