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Kitchens – The Hub of the Home?

August 15 2019

I remember a time when the kitchen/dining room was the hub of the home, it was where, as a family, we shared the days events and had conversations around the dining table. I remember this very vividly and it is something I still endeavour to do today.⠀

However, I am finding for some clients, it has become the fly in, fly out space, where things get dropped on the bench or the floor, where kids rummage through the pantry whilst mum tries to cook dinner and make lunches for the following day…CHAOS⠀

Here are a few good reasons to have a well organised kitchen hub…⠀

Food nutures our mind, body and soul and our kitchen provides us the space to do this and do it with love. There is nothing better than preparing food for a welcomed gathering of family and friends especially when you know where everything is!⠀

It provides family fun in the kitchen; cooking and baking, sharing family recipes and creating your own.

It has become the space where all the family can congregate, so make it welcoming for the kids to sit and do their homework, for you to check your emails and weekly appointments, to have friends over for coffee.

Whatever the reason make your kitchen the heart of the home ⠀

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