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Finding your place of calm through the COVID-19 pandemic

April 17 2020

Navigating this time of uncertainty through the COVID-19 Pandemic is something we never expected, yet here we are. We have lost control over the way we would normally go about our daily life, but my question is, are you using it to your advantage, or have you fallen in a heap of despair? There is no right or wrong answer or judgement here, it’s just something to acknowledge.

Like many others, I’ve had to adapt life to meet the needs of my family, my business, my clients and myself. Has it been difficult? Yes, at times however, I also feel that I am faced with an opportunity.

  • An opportunity to learn
  • An opportunity to re-evaluating what goes on in my life
  • An opportunity to declutter the things that I now realise I don’t need in my life
  • An opportunity to strengthen the relationships I have with my family who I am spending everyday in the company of.

Like you, I’m not immune to the waves of emotions and therefore, believe it’s important to acknowledge how being locked down is making us feel, so we can do what we need to manage it.
I find these help…

  • Take some time out by going for a walk
  • Call a friend or family member for a chat
  • Sit in a quiet place and read
  • Practice gratitude

If you need help, reach out and make sure you stay safe and well by staying at home.


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