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Finding Peace of Mind…

September 02 2019

When you hear the word ‘CLUTTER’, what picture comes to mind? For most, it will be piles of physical clutter that has built up over time but did you know that MENTAL CLUTTER is also a thing?

Mental clutter is an overload of emotional issues, habits, toxic relationships and non-stop commitments. It all guises itself as stress and overwhelm just like physical clutter.

So, how can it be removed so you can have peace of mind?

  • Start by brain dumping what is on your mind onto paper. You can then work out what needs to be done to stop the constant build up⠀
  • Prioritise and focus on what is important so you can start gaining some clarity
  • Let go of anything unnecessary that is cluttering your mind and you can’t control. Is it worth your time and energy?
  • Make any difficult decisions and free yourself from the mental anguish.
  • Look at all your relationships and let go of those that are not serving you.

Imagine having peace of mind and being fully present and focused on the things that really matter.

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