A Professional Organising and Decluttering Service in Geelong, Victoria


My name is Marion Ivermee-Villarosa. I am a wife, a mother of two and, like many of you, have found that circumstances take on a life of their own and cause unwelcome confusion and chaos. By removing clutter and organising my life, I was able to gain a deeper insight into myself and my problems and think clearly in overcoming life’s obstacles.

My Expertise

My name is Marion Ivermee-Villarosa and I have experienced what clutter and too much ‘stuff’ can do to your mindset and your life. I overcame many obstacles and challenges by decluttering areas of my life to a point where life became simple and less chaotic.

My role is to work alongside you and impart the skills and habits you need to keep yourself organised and clutter free. By making positive changes and taking control of your clutter, you are moving forward to that physical and mental sense of calm.

How You Benefit

By taking control of your clutter and eliminating unnecessary stress, you will gain more time and energy to do things you enjoy with people you love. You will enjoy your space and a calmer atmosphere when you come home from a long day of work and with a clearer mind you will become more focused and productive.

All I ask of you is a commitment and willingness to trust me to help you make changes. I make the decluttering and organisation process simple, safe and an exciting journey towards a new beginning.

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