A Professional Organising and Decluttering Service in Geelong, Victoria

Why Marion and the team at A Place of Calm?


The team at A Place of Calm come with a skill set that allows us to support our clients with consideration of their situation and individual needs.

Our Home Management and Organising Services aim to help lessen the overwhelm and bring some calm back into your life. A Place of Calm has successfully supported clients since 2015 and continues to provide a quality service.

We do this by…

  • Helping you declutter and organise your home and life, enabling you to take back control.
  • Helping you create simple routines that make every-day life, not only manageable, but also more enjoyable.
  • Helping our aged clients eliminate risks so they can continue to enjoy independence in the comfort of their own home.
  • Cleaning to a standard that allows you to relax and enjoy your space
  • Providing home care that gives you the confidence to complete everyday tasks

If you want someone who understands and will support you, let’s make this happen.

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Hello Marion,

We are so nearly finished organising the house and it is getting so very exciting!! Lara has been an absolute godsend and I don’t know what we would have done without her! Thank you so very much for matching her with my family!!

LE – Teesdale