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A Place of Calm Services

March 21 2019

We find that many people still do not understand what a professional organiser does.⠀

A Place of Calm helps individuals and businesses improve quality of life, personal productivity and greater efficiency through the following services:

  • The “Essential” Home Package
    I help organise your house for it to become a happy, safe place in a positive and practical manner.


  • The “On The Move” Package
    I will show you how packing your life and moving to a new home can be a seamless, positive experience.


  • Supporting Funded Clients
    I work with organisations that provide case management to people who need assistance in their home. Please check with your care provider.


  • Deceased Estates
    Sorting through possessions of your deceased loved ones is always difficult and overwhelming. Support of a professional organiser will make these times less overwhelming


  • Hoarding Solutions
    I’ve recently graduated from the Hoarding Home Solutions for Independent Service Providers. I will help you with practical strategies that will help create a positive change in your home, and I don’t judge.

Click Here to read more about Hoarding Home Solutions.

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