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A Place of Calm Services

March 21 2019

We find that many people still do not understand what a professional organiser does.⠀

A Place of Calm helps individuals and businesses improve quality of life, personal productivity and greater efficiency through the following services:

  • The “Essential” Home Package
    I help organise your house for it to become a happy, safe place in a positive and practical manner.


  • The “On The Move” Package
    I will show you how packing your life and moving to a new home can be a seamless, positive experience.


  • Supporting Funded Clients
    I work with organisations that provide case management to people who need assistance in their home. Please check with your care provider.


  • Deceased Estates
    Sorting through possessions of your deceased loved ones is always difficult and overwhelming. Support of a professional organiser will make these times less overwhelming


  • Hoarding Solutions
    I’ve recently graduated from the Hoarding Home Solutions for Independent Service Providers. I will help you with practical strategies that will help create a positive change in your home, and I don’t judge.

Click Here to read more about Hoarding Home Solutions.


Introducing A Place of Calm’s new Professional Organiser – Tamara Franklin.

I welcomed Tamara into A Place of Calm in December 2018 and from what I have observed in such a short time, I believe she has definitely found her calling.

Tamara is a great asset to our team and comes with a wealth of experience from various industries and life experiences however, it is her commitment to helping people, being super organised and expanding her knowledge base around professional organising and all that it entails that is making her shine.

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