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5 Phases of Change

July 26 2019

We know that clutter and disorganisation doesn’t just happen overnight and that it can be caused by many factors. You may even relate to some of them.

Such factors and there are many, are: Neurological-based conditions such as ADHD and MS; Lack of skills i.e. poor modelling; Choices such as over scheduling and too much stuff; Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

There will be a time however, when it all becomes too much and you know change is necessary. Be scared and daunted but know that by taking that first step you are doing something incredibly brave!

Phases of change:

You start sensing that something is bothering you and have started to identify your discomfort. Although you may not be ready to move forward yet, your level of awareness has heightened.

  • You are becoming dissatisfied with how things are and want something different. You may even start considering asking for help because the thought of doing it yourself is making you anxious.
  • The feelings of overwhelm have increased and you are ready to reach out whether it be a professional organiser, a therapist, family member or friend. You become hopeful that change is possible.
  • You become ready for action and devote the physical, emotional and financial resources necessary to start the process. The process may be slow but your commitment is steadfast.
  • You have become clearer about your goals and they are within reach. You no longer struggle about what to keep and what to let go of because you have gained perspective of what they mean in your life.

Our team at A PLACE OF CALM love helping clients reach their goals, we can help you too!

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